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The #TocaraLife Campaign

It is our mission to bring a touch of hope to our communities through our #TocaraLife campaign. Along with the campaign we are deeply passionate about, we are excited to introduce the Tree of Life Necklace. Not only is it a beautiful piece, it symbolizes such important meanings of strength, togetherness, growth, rebirth, and calm. 

Through the sale of each Tree of Life Necklace, Tocara will be donating 10% of all sales to the Tocara COVID-19 Relief fund in support of hospitals and healthcare workers in Canada and the U.S. 

Join us as We Grow Stronger Together!

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The Tree of Life Pendant

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Plant Seeds of Hope.

As part of our campaign, join us for #LoveATree Day, May 16 and plant your seeds of hope. Every Tree of Life Necklace is packaged with a plantable seed card which blooms into beautiful wildflowers. If you are unable to join us on May 16th or have not received your Tree of Life card yet, we've added another day of planting on May 30th for #WaterAFlowerDay. 

Don't forget to share them with us on your social networks tagging #TocaraLife and #LoveATreeDay! 

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